Dakota's Gypsy Rose
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Rose is tolerant of everything including the
goats, ducks, and every other farm animal.  
She is also tolerant of other foals nursing off
of her, so we have to watch that she doesn't
get run down when in with others.
Rose is  Southern Jazz bred on one side, and
has wonderful movement to go with that
attitude.  On her dam's side she goes back to
the great Ebony Masterpiece in the third
generation.  I am thrilled to have the older
style Tennessee Walking Horse influence in
her breeding.
Rosie produced a HUGE
filly in October 2016.  
The filly will stay here to
replace her mother, and
Rosie will be put in the
retired mares pasture to
live out her years in
Ain't life grand??  That's
this mare's whole attitude
about everything. She is
laid back, sweet, friendly,
and a great momma to all
the foals, even when they
aren't hers.