This is the little red roan guy that started it all. His conformation makes a real statement. It
says "DON'T".
I started in Quarter Horses several years ago, and was looking for one when this guy stuck
his head out of a stall. He was thin, sick, and headed for the meat block. He came home with
me on Thanksgiving 1989, and just happened to have MFTHBA papers. Well, they're like
potato can't have just one.
Ranger has a long back, wide chest, straight hocks.....on and on. But, he's a great weaning
companion for the foals, and is unflappable under saddle. That makes him a great candidate
for accompanying young ones.
He's wonderful, kind, sweet, and keeps the young ones safe  He's also great for small
ponying trips as they get older.  It would take a very large bomb to get this guy spooked.

Ranger was 34 years old in April 2019, and owns the place.  Just ask him.
Red Ranger's Rusty