Zorro Farms
Breeding Information
Zorro Farms does stand stallions for outside service, but we ask
that you help us by following some simple rules:

  1. All mares must be halter broke, and be able to be lead easily.  I have personally eaten
    enough dirt to last me a lifetime, and I don't want to eat anymore.  If you can't (or
    don't want to) lead her, chances are we can't get her bred.
  2. All mares must have a clean culture and negative coggins.  We try very hard to make
    sure our stallions stay clean, and don't pass on any diseases to your mares.  Please do
    your part to help us on this, and make sure your mare is clean before bringing her to
    us.  If we breed your mare twice, and she still doesn't conceive, we may ask for a
    cytology on your mare to make sure she is reproductively sound. Sure, the stallion
    doesn't mind breeding again...and again....and again (and again), but we do have a
    few other things to do in our lives, and we know your time and money is important
    to you as well.
  3. All mares must have back shoes removed. We do hobble all mares as a safety
    precaution, using hobbles that are held and adjusted by a living breathing person.
    Should the mare become tangled, or problems arise, the hobbles are automatically
  4. We do NOT pasture breed. If your mare is clean, and in heat, and will not accept the
    stallion, we'll be glad to help you get her artificially inseminated.  She can stay on the
    farm, and there are no shipping costs.
  5. We take great pains to create a safe environment for your mare and baby. Please do
    the same for us. If your mare kicks, bites, or has other little quirks, please let us
    know. Some mares are protective with foals by their sides.  We are no stranger to
    this, and will be glad to accommodate as much as we can, but please let us know
    ahead of time.  Heck, everyone has a bad day, we just want to be prepared for it.
    Again..... I have eaten enough dirt (and worn enough casts) for a lifetime.
  6. Stud fees are listed on the individual stallion's page. We do offer multiple mare and
    returning customer discounts.

Thanks for taking the time to read this, and thanks for your help.  We want to make this as easy as
possible for you and for us, and want your breeding and foaling experience to be fun and painless.