Toddy's Wendy
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I had my heart stolen when I
bought her.  It didn't hurt that
her foxtrot was great to boot,
and she's a great ride on
trails.  Her first life was as a  
children's horse, then a
mother, and then, at age 9, a
show horse, where she won
Reserve World Champion.
She is retired from the show ring and is
making gorgeous babies.
Last year's filly be Danney's Legacy isn't
going anywhere.  It was a hard choice
between stallions for breeding her back,
but she is currently bred to Danney's Pride
of Princess S. for a 2017 baby.  The
Danney Joe cross has been to good to
Wendy is a wonderful
mother and is patient and
kind with all of her foals.  
She will be part of this farm
until she goes out with four
legs in the air.  I would like
to thank Paul (may he rest in
peace) and Sammie Martin
for allowing me to purchase
this mare.