Danney's Soul Shine V.
Click on name above for pedigree.
Sol speaks for himself.  He's the
epitome of my breeding program.  
He's a Danney Joe grandson,
moves like a cow horse, has a
strong mind, good bone and is a
complete clown.  I've bred his
sire many times to come up with
the perfect one, and I'm sure I'm
prejudice, but this is as close as I
can get.
Yes, he's a classic champagne, but
that's not what we bred for.  We bred
my favorite stallion to a gorgeous
black mare and this is what happened.  
I would have him if he were sorrel.
Sol is in training and not offered at stud
at this time.  I'm a firm believer in
getting one well trained and under
saddle before breeding him.  Some
people like to breed them before
they're trained to see what they
will produce.  I like to see them
under saddle to find out how well
they accept training and how their
gait is before deciding whether to
keep them as a stud or not.  There
is plenty of time for breeding after
they are finished.
Sol will complete most of his training this year and be offered at public
stud next year (2016).