Moon's Rosabelle
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Rosabelle is a daughter of the
late Prince Moonbeam.  You
may remember him as the
cremello stallion standing in the
kitchen opening the refrigerator
or standing by the fireplace in
his smoking jacket with a pipe
in his mouth.  Moon could and
would do anything.  I always
wanted a Moon baby, and I'm
thrilled to have Rosabelle, but
sadly she is here after the loss
of her great sire.
Rosabelle has the same
wonderful temperament as her
sire along with his same bone
and body.......a great package.  
She obviously has the "mane and
tail gene" and sheds out to a
pretty gold in the summer. Due to
a previous injury, Rosabelle is
not sound under saddle for a long
period of time....something that
broke her previous owner's
heart.  So, Rosabelle has
entered the broodmare band.
Rosabelle produced a
gorgeous blood bay colt in
2016.  He was born premature
and it took a while for him to
catch up. Sadly, I was joking
when I called him Forrest
(Gump) and the name stuck.
We'll get a better name.