Breeding Philosophy
   Zorro Farms was started with lofty goals and the premise of creation.  I wanted to
create the best overall foxtrotter out there.  After 25 years in the business, I am still
trying to accomplish that goal.  

MFT's are used for trail, versatility, model, performance and family pets.  I choose to
breed for all but performance, although I can't say I haven't created a performance horse.
My overall goal is to produce stout, correctly conformed horses with elegance, grace,
good temperament, comfortable gait and devastatingly good looks.  Although that goal
incorporates many bloodlines in the breed, I do tend to prefer the older foundation lines
like Danney Joe W.
It's a pretty simple philosophy, and if any of my stock don't embody that goal, I'll be the
first to point out their insufficiencies.

Although color can be breathtaking, and it is a great icing on the cake, we do not breed
for color.  If color can be added to the equation without subtracting ANY other qualities,
it's a great thing, but color will never make the breeding choices around here.  
Absolutely NO gimmicks, cruelty, neglect or inhumane treatment of any kind will be
tolerated here.  Whether a local trail ride, or large show, what you see is what you get.

Even though times have become tougher, more restrictions have been imposed, (DNA is
a GREAT thing in my mind) and fewer and fewer MFT's are being bred, Zorro Farms
will continue to breed for the best using horses that you will be proud to own, show or
just simply brag about.