Midnight Blue G.
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I started looking at this
mare two months before
she came up for sale,
and finally got her.  
She's bred with Travel
Master lines, and has a
foxtrot that won't quit.  
She also has the big
body size that I look for
(front legs not coming
out of the same hole)!  
She moves naturally, the way I
want her to.  She can keep up
with the rest without knocking
your teeth out in the process.
And best of all, I know I have a
horse underneath me, without the
feeling of clumsiness or swingy
side to side movement. She's
fast, agile, fully controllable,
and foxtrots very naturally, like
the breed should.
I took Blue with me to
ride at Ava 2 years ago,
and somehow she put
her foot in between two
boards in the stall.  
Even after tendon
surgery, she still can
not be ridden again.  
Blue has produced
some wonderful foals,
and we are trying to
decide whether to retire
her or have one more.