Zane's Marci Bella
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Marci is a wonderful
little mare that thinks
she's ten feet tall and
bulletproof.  She has
never found anything
she's afraid of and
bosses some of the
bigger mares around.  
Marci is Zane's Boss
Man bred and I have
always loved the Boss
Man bred mares.  
Marci is 14.3 but
makes up for it in  
She is a smokey black mare
with a huge personality and a
"stand up and look at me"
attitude, although she softens
instantly when there's a scratch
to be had. Marci produced a
very nice sorrel sabino colt
(gelding) and is taking the 2017
foaling season off.  She will be
bred to Danney's Pride of
Princess in 2017.