Little Miss Kylee Girl
Click on the name above for pedigree
She's Black Rex E. on one side and
Casey's Shadow and Zane's Play
Boy on the other. She has a natural
and very smooth foxtrot and she
will maintain it on a loose rein for
miles.  She neck reins with the best
Quarter Horses, and is quick and
catty around cattle.  Whatever you
want to do, she's up for it.  She's
simply a no fuss, no drama mare.  I
will eventually breed her,but I'm
not through riding her yet!!
Kylee is a wonderful
mare.  I bought her as
a riding mare (like I
have so much time for
that!) last summer and
she's everything I ever
wanted.  Kind,
considerate, gentle and
sure-footed are a few
things that come to
mind.  Not to mention
her breeding.