Joe Master
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Joe is one easy boy to get along
with.  He spent most if his young
life in a dark stall and very small
pen, and didn't have much of a
clue about a bridle, but his gentle
nature allowed him to be saddled
and "ridden".  He's now learning
what turn and stop mean, and will
be on the trails this spring.
Joe is just under 15 hands, and
very easy to deal with.
He's Koscot and Black Cloud bred,
and has a solid foxtrot.
No, he's not going to win any
garlands at Ava, as he doesn't have
enough reach for that.  But, he does
have a nice solid gait, and doesn't
paddle or have knee lift.  It's the
comfortable, old time foxtrot, and he
appears to be very sure footed.  He's
a wonderful trail horse, and can keep
up with mules on a trail. His
temperament is excellent, his gait
solid, and he's easy on the eyes.

He also happens to be a
homozygous black bay.  You'll
never get sorrels from him, and he'd
be ideal to breed palomino or
double dilute mares too to get the
buckskin coloration.  
Come visit him and see his
offspring and you'll understand why
we are breeding him to so many
Joe is 20 this year, so his book will be very limited.

Stud Fee - $400
Live foal guarantee. Live cover only.
Joe is also registered in the Gaited Baroque Horse
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