Honey's Coppertop
Click on name above for pedigree.
Honey is one of the last granddaughters
of the late Danney Joe W.  She's a well
built mare with a fantastic, smooth gait
under saddle.  No need to touch the
reins, just sit back and enjoy the ride.  
She's not only a smooth ride, but a great
buggy horse as well.  Honey does have
a secret though.  Honey was born as a
sweet, loving, in your pocket horse.  
She was gentle with kids and adults
alike and always wanted attention.
However, a few years later
she became incredibly sick
and no one thought she would
make it.  She managed to get
through it, but her personality
was forever changed after that
point.  She's still rides and
harnesses great, and is a very
gentle soul under saddle.  But,
catching her is a whole
different issue.  She and I work
together fine (perhaps I have the
same temperament), but it's a whole
different issue with others.  At least
one electrical company lineman now
believes me when I tell him to stay
out of the pasture!
I love this mare and she produces
the sweetest, most loving foals I
have ever handled.
She will stay here with me, as I don't know if she would work with
anyone else.