Maxi's Dusty Gray Cloud
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The client couldn't make up his
mind, so I bought her for myself.
Although Dusty's name implies
that she's gray, she isn't.  Although
I haven't color tested her, I
believe she's a dark chestnut
roan.  I keep thinking I want to
breed her and get a foal, but I can't
bear the thought of not being able
to ride her for a season.  She's
young, and there are years left to
get a foal from her.
Dusty is my main riding
horse. She's a nice 16
hands tall and one of the
few horses I don't feel
like I'm pedaling
alongside when I ride.  I
absolutely love her size,
gait and temperament.  
She has a lot of go and
the stamina to keep it up.
I originally went to buy
Dusty for a client.
Dusty's previous owners rode her everywhere, including drive through's of fast
food restaurants.  She's been in water, through an old western town and next to
cars flying by.  She's the kind I love to have.