Danney's Champagne
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Callie is a gold champagne,
and (like most champagnes)
gets darker in the fall,
andnd, she definitely has the
"mud gene".  Her nickname
is Pig Pen as you can almost
see the dust cloud around
her when she walks, and she
rolls in the mud more than
my pigs.
Callie is not for sale and
will stay here as long as I'm
for inexperienced people,
although I don't let too many
ride her.  She's my treasure and
I don't want anyone pulling too
hard on her mouth, or
cowboying her.  She has a very
gentle disposition, a nice
running walk or old style foxtrot
(whichever you ask her to do)
and there's just nothing that
seems to bother her.  She has
more sense that 90% of the
horses I have ridden.
Callie is the one of only two
daughters of Danney's Pride of
Princess that I have managed to
keep.  Every time a filly is born I
swear I'm not letting go of it and
yet....., but Callie will not leave.  It's
certainly not for lack of people
trying to buy her but she has
something very special.  She is 8
years old and has the old soul of a
20 year old.  She was calm, laid
back and trustworthy from the first
few days anyone stepped on her. I
use Callie as a riding horse