Duke's Belle Star
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I never thought in a million years I
would be able to have this mare for
myself, and I still wake up every
morning and pinch myself.  I first
saw this mare when she was
brought to my place to be bred to
Danney's Golden Perfection.  That
breeding produced a gorgeous
palomino filly that is now in
Thanks to the graciousness of Joyce
Swope, I now own this gorgeous
mare.  She has to be one of the
prettiest mares in the breed,  and
can she ever move!!  She is a
granddaughter of Danney Joe W.,
with a dose of Zane's Watergait and
Boogie Man thrown in for good
measure.  This mare is truly what a
stocky, using foxtrotter is all about,
without compromising gait.
Her head shake and rhythm are
incredible, and she passes it on,
as her sons and daughters have
inherited it too.  Belle gave me a
gorgeous double Danney Joe filly
that will be staying here.  I told
Belle that would be her last one
and although she looks 10 years
old still, she is now retired.