Zorro Farms
Artificial Insemination
The Answers:
  1. Nope....it's not really that hard
  2. Yes, it is a little more expensive, but we can give you some hints to keep your
    costs down.
  3. Yes, it sure as heck beats hauling your mare through two states, especially with a
    little one by her side. And by the time you figure in the cost of gas/diesel and mare
    care, it will more than likely even out.
  4. Yes, you need a vet on your end that knows what he's doing with an ultrasound
    (palpation just doesn't cut it unless he/she has been doing it for longer than I've
    been alive).
  5. Yes, it's safer.
  6. Yes, we do have day jobs, and need 24 hours notice, and GOOD
  7. Yes, we'll be glad to help you and answer any questions you may have. Just
    because you've never done it before, doesn't mean you can't. We'll be glad to talk
    directly to your vet if you feel more comfortable that way. And if you haven't done
    this before, we'd probably prefer to talk directly to your vet.
  8. In addition to the stud fee and your vet fees, you can expect to pay for the
    collection fee and shipping. For the 2008 breeding season, collection fees are
    $250.  If you plan on AI'ing more than one mare, or repeating it the following year,
    we'll even try to help you on costs.  We trust you until you bounce the first check
    or lie to us the first time.  Shipping is arranged through The UPS Store in Union,
    Mo.  They are very familiar with shipping semen, and will do everything in their
    power to get it to you on time.  Zorro Farms customers receive a 10% shipping
    discount off of normal prices. You will receive e mail updates on the progress of
    your package.
  9. Nope, you don't need your own container. We provide that, and include return
    ground shipping of the container in your shipping costs.  We use disposable
    containers, so if something happens (your barn goat eats the container, etc.) you
    only owe us the $28 to replace the container. Don't laugh... the barn goat thing has
    really happened.
  10. Lastly, (and seriously), we will do everything in our power to help you. And if you
    don't believe us, please feel free to ask anyone that has done AI with us before.
    We'll be glad to provide a list of happy customers upon request.